Having educated more than 20,000 business operators and C-level executives internationally, we have found that there is usually a common (financial) expectation between shareholders, the board, and the CEO. 

However, there is a big gap between the expectations of the CEO and those people in operations that have to deliver the results.

Since your employees are  The Custodians of your Company's Profits™ , should they not link their day-to-day decisions to shareholder expectations?

Financial Literacy


In the absence of being formally trained, there is a decent likelihood that you and the members of your team who have to deliver profits do not have a full frame of reference to think about the deep-reaching financial implications of all decisions.   

For the past 23 years, we have educated more than 20,000 employees in large companies internationally. It may interest you to know that according to our testing, the average level of financial literacy amongst non-financial executive and managers are less than 40%. Imagine what this knowledge gap is potentially costing your company! 

Deliver what is Promised to your Shareholders

You cannot do it alone. You need your team to understand how their decisions impact the big picture financial goals of your organization. 

But let's face it: it's a tough topic to teach effectively. 

Using our engaging, interactive, and patented materials, our award-winning courses provide you and your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to learn and apply this crucial subject.

Get your team up to speed so they can make you proud when you have to deliver the financial results that you promised to your executive team.

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