Your Employees are the Custodians of your Company’s Profits TM


The Elephant in the Room

C-suite executives assume that their non-financial managers and sales teams understand the financial implications of their decisions. You may be surprised to learn that they are less than 40% financially literate. 

Knowing this, is it reasonable to expect your team to make financially sound decisions? 


Go to your School Principal's Office!

Do you recall the feeling when you were summoned to your principal's office for bad behavior? Do you experience deja-vu when presenting your performance vs. budget results to upper management? 

Does the buck stop with you? Shouldn't everyone in your organization be held financially accountable?


Nobody Washes a Rented Car

Imagine if everyone on your team would act like an owner? Your employees are an extension of the promise you made to the executive suite, and ultimately to your shareholders. You cannot do it alone. 

You need your team to help you deliver what you promised. 

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How to Drive Shareholder Value Through Employee Engagement & Accountability

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective, world-class program that will bridge the gap between employee performance and shareholder expectations. 

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