Your Employees are the Custodians of your Company’s Profits


C-Suite executives assume that their non-financial managers and sales teams understand the financial implications of their decisions. You may be surprised to learn that less than 40% of them are financially literate. 

Knowing this, is it reasonable to expect your team to make financially sound decisions?


Do you recall the feeling when you were summoned to your principal's office for bad behavior? Do you experience deja-vu when presenting your performance vs. budget results to upper management? 

Does the buck stop with you? Shouldn't everyone in your organization be held financially accountable?


Imagine if everyone on your team would act like an owner? Your employees are an extension of the promise you made to the executive suite, and ultimately to your shareholders. You cannot do it alone. 

You need your team to help you deliver what you promised. 


and learn how you can sleep better while your employees worry about increasing profits

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective, world-class program that will bridge the gap between employee performance and shareholder expectations. 

Contact us today to find out how we help organizations and entrepreneurs engage employees to drive sustainable profits and cash flow. 

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I recommend this program to any company interested in increasing their profitability through management training.

Brad Detlor
CMA, Tyco International 

At last, we can discuss monthly results and forecasting without our employees' eyes glazing over. I have no hesitation in recommending this program to others.

Dennis Fotinos
President & CRO, Enwave

Neville was able to make what is often an intimidating and abstract subject intuitive and engaging to associates regardless of their prior level of financial expertise.

Amy Yustick
Senior Director, Dana

This program is for organizations hoping to provide passion for finance and to help get a better understanding of the applications. Participants were engaged, excited and left wanting more of the material.

Debra Neilson
Chapter Program & Events Director, HRPAO

Neville workshop was extremely valuable to members who attended, as well as the aspirations of the PHRA. Thank you for sharing your expertise with the HR community.

Michele Feder
Executive Director, PHRA

Our employees’ feedback indicated that this was the best course they ever took. All of your facilitators were outstanding and the return on investment continues to be noticed.

Paul Dolby
Director of People Department & Organization Development, Mac's Convenience

I look forward to having you come back again. You met our very high expectations. Your ability to make such a difficult topic both engaging and applicable was impressive and effective.

Verity Seldon Dimock
Director-Education and Development, OLGCorp

Your program has been one of the most successful learning and development offerings at Cadillac Fairview to date. We anticipate that we will be calling upon your services again in the near future.

Judi Creamer
Manager, Learning and Development, Cadillac Fairview Property Mgmt

Neville, on behalf of Customer Delivery, I applaud you for an exceptional training program which exceeded my expectations. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your team

Natalie Dumelie
Director-Financial Management, Bell Nexxia

Simply brilliant! I want to congratulate you on the excellent quality of your presentation. We all recognize the immense effort you and your team had put into custom-designing the workshops.

Robert Dimech
Finance Manager, Canadian Standards (CSA International)

When you tested our credit adjudicators, I was surprised Neville is a pro. His approach and style were ideal for our leadership group which has proven to be a popular and valuable segment of our leadership training programs.

Bob Cooke
VP Human Resources & Organizational, Samuel Son & Co. Ltd

Consistent to the Toyota brand, we expect the highest quality of service from our vendors and the BizWisdom program was no exception. We would recommend this program to other organizations, without hesitation.

Sharon Bell
Senior Learning Consultant, Toyota

Having trained over 200 employees to date, we continue to receive consistent feedback that your hands-on teaching method is both fun and engaging. We can't thank you enough and are excited to continue working with you.

Steve Naylor
Director, Financial Branch, Ministry of Transportation

We continue to receive positive and enthusiastic feedback on your program. It is rare to hear so many employees say that it is the best class they have ever taken. The depth of Neville's knowledge, along with his passionate and enthusiastic demeanour is contagious.

Christine Greco
Director, HR & People Development, Molson

I would recommend this program to other organizations. We were delighted with the results. At last, we have tools to communicate with restaurant managers. This will undoubtedly improve how store operators will use their reports to manage their stores more efficiently.

Chris Chandra
Director of Operations for Western Canada, Boston Pizza

The feedback and evaluations showed undoubtedly that your program was well worth the investment. The program has significantly elevated managers’ awareness of the financial drivers, which has now resulted in them focusing on crucial Key Performance Indicators.

Linda Herron
CEO, Burger King

Impressive! We are in awe at how the training fit the needs of our business; it's equally applicable to both new and experienced personnel. You created a learning environment where our employees could apply the learning directly to their own needs with regard to financial information.

Terry Gren
Vice President and General Manager, Quebecor

Impressive training! Our participants grasped the concepts within a short time frame and saw an immediate application back on the job. The team used experiential and a hands-on approach to a difficult subject matter. Overall, thorough and impactful. Thank you Neville and team.

Carol Ford
Training & Development Specialist, Bombardier

This program opened many eyes to the opportunity each of us had to improve the bottom line and operations of TBayTel. All levels of the company now have the ability to talk accounting language and understand what they do on a daily basis relates to the company’s financial success.

Christine Seeley
Vice-President HR & Corporate Communications, TBAY Tel

I would recommend this program to any individual or organization. You delivered what you promised and more. Our team has made tremendous leaps forward in being able to understand, interpret, and communicate the effect their decisions have on the entire financial position of the company.

Bryan Tatoff
CA Vice-President and CFO, Danier

I would recommend this program and feel confident in saying that the financial impact of the program would be positive for any organization. The real testimonial has been in the numerous suggestions and procedural changes that have come since the seminar to improve overall profits to the company.

Janet Boychuk
Director of Sales Operations, Hallmark Cards

I personally had staff tell me that they felt the workshop was some of the most beneficial training they have ever received... and we invest in a lot of training. Thanks to this workshop, I expect to see a lot fewer glossy-eyed looks at the annual meetings, as we review financial results and profit-sharing.

John W.F. Kitchen
President, Lansing

Neville delivered both an inspiring and very informative workshop to over 70+ members with an overall overwhelmingly positive response; including “The program was excellent, and provided 'go home and use' information." and “The program actually more than exceeded my expectations. Thanks for that!!”

Kristen Shoemaker
Associate Director, Chesapeake Human Resources Ass, CHRA

Our manager feedback was very positive. All participants felt that they gained a better understanding of how their day to day activities impacted the financial results. The examples and exercises were relevant to the financial issues our service-based business faces. Thank you for an informative and fun training experience.

Carolyn Parkinson
Director, Employment & Organization Development, ACNielsen Canada

YAY! What an eye-opener for all attendees. The method of teaching helped participants understand the most intimidating subject in an easy and simple manner. Thanks to this workshop, our organization is now equipped to communicate with a common financial language. We easily recommend Neville to any organization.

Lydia Madonia
HR-Training & Development, Lexmark

It is not often that we have a training session where the creator of the program takes the time to fully understand our business and develop customized working exercises in a very practical fashion. Given your expert advice, we will be making some essential and potentially very profitable changes to how we currently look at our business.

Randy Powell
President & CEO, Second Cup

Feedback was very positive with requests to extend this training throughout the organization. Managers commented that this training was quite different than previous financial training, saying it was highly interactive making the learning more realistic and easier to understand in how they relate to the day to day business issues.

Jan Jerger-Stevens
Vice President, Human Resources, Ingersoll

Neville has a gift of presenting what is typically viewed as dry and complicated subject matter in an engaging way that is humorous and extremely effective to all levels of skillset so they grasp the concepts easily. I highly recommend this program as it provides learning to business audiences that is fun, engaging and of real value.

Rob Crabtree, P.Eng
Manager, Scale-Up Services, Wisdom Exchange

I happily recommend this program. From a learner's perspective, the approach taken to master business acumen is innovative, straightforward, and powerful... resulting in consistent positive responses from the sessions. Various levels of financially experienced managers participated and shared attending was worthwhile and valuable.

Cedric Stevenson
Manager, Leadership Development & Resourcing,    Hydro One

Wow! Totally worthwhile for our team. The seminar did an excellent job translating accounting concepts into a language non-financial managers could easily understand and use on a day-to-day basis. More importantly, the management team has a much better understanding of how we can positively influence the profitability of our business.

Jonathon Brown
Vice President & General Manager, Invacare

The success of your first workshop, resulted in more being added and were equally well received. Our people now have a high-interest level in specific metrics and we know this will translate into higher profits for all stakeholders. With your training's financial literacy frame of reference, our strategic planning event was also a great success.

Ross Peter Steele
General Manager, CA, Active Green

We recommend Bizwisdom and look forward to having you back to support our ongoing training and development needs. Our staff accountants now have a deeper understanding of key financial ratios and metrics; providing consulting services that will directly influence some of the most important business decisions our clients face on a daily basis.

Alex Bringanti
CPA, CA Partner, HSS

When you tested our credit adjudicators, I was surprised at the knowledge gap between our employees’ perception and their actual level of financial literacy. With your help, we have significantly closed the knowledge gap which has made a huge difference in the manner in which our adjudicators assess and communicate with our small business clients.

Peter Mann
Centre Manager, RBC